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Beginner Specials

Important information including our shipping schedule and what we REQUIRE from our customers for the live arrival guarantee can be found here:

See our FAQ here: https://jamiestarantulas.com/newtotarantulas/

We take great pride in the quality and accuracy of our inventory. We only list specimens on our website if they are currently in stock, healthy, vigorous and ready to ship. We DO NOT have nor can we predict when we will have anything that’s not currently listed in the store. We do our best to post new additions every 2-7 days and typically announce the new spiders on our facebook page. Please help keep our response time low and our stock-list more diverse by reading our FAQ LAG policy before contacting us.

Jamie’s Tarantulas strives to offer the best animals, products and service. We want only happy customers! Please read our care tips pages before ordering and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

We measure our tarantulas in inches leg-span. HERE is how we measure

We measure our tarantulas in inches leg-span. Tarantulas are sold as "unsexed" unless otherwise stated. We apologize but we are unable to determine the gender of unsexed specimens at this time. Here is how we confirm gender

The "special" includes the tarantula, enclosure and all needed furnishings.

No substitutions please. 

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